I suggest you ...

add a backup / restore feature (helpful when you change your phone or flash the firmware!)

it would allow to make an "iso" of the phone's apps and then make it really easy to re-install all your apps on your new Android device
It also makes it easy to restore all your apps if you play with different custom firmwares (all apps are deleted from the phone during a flash)

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    guitruong shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Arean commented  · 

        Me english no god sorry

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hasn't been working on my android for more than a month ..I send msgs and don't get any replies

      • Gregory Hanes commented  · 

        I personally use Titanium but it is easy with Appbrain.

        BEFORE you install app to phone and sync, from Appbrain "My Apps", create a new list called "To Install" send all installed to the new list. Now install and sync. After sync, send all apps from "To Install" and sync. They should show an not install and ready to install.

        as long as you keep Appbrain synced, you should never lose what apps are installed.

      • HONEY BEE commented  · 


      • Unitflux commented  · 

        I agree with the OP - I just reset the phone, and of course all apps are gone - the first one i install is appbrain, and after i sync... nothing - it doesn't want to install any of them. Then I go to the appbrain site half expecting it to have removed all the apps when i tried to sync, but no they are still all there - listed as 'installed even though they aren't.
        Of course it says I last synced an hour ago, so perhaps its asleep.

        Either way, a method to handle such a situation would be most

      • Markus Birth commented  · 

        Anyone here tried a reset on a phone with Android 2.2 (FroYo)? After the reset and entering my credentials, it already installed all apps I had on it before the reset (leaving out those which were not available in the Market). So this feature is already built into the OS. And also as there are several apps available which do the same, I'd rather not implement this into AppBrain .... or else it will end as bloatware some day.

      • andreylosev commented  · 

        There's always Titanium backup, which syncs with dropbox. It's $4, but it's does what you're talking about perfectly.

      • Baracuda commented  · 

        Here's what I would like. A setting that allows you to set either My Apps list on AppBrain or my Phone as the master. I would chose AppBrain as the master so that on a wiped or replaced phone I just need to install the appbrain app, select sync and instead of my list of appbrain being wiped out, it lets my phone know the app listed in My Apps and then offers to redownload them.
        I love the site, otherwise. But when I saw my list disappear yesterday I was glad I had previously backed them up to my microSD card.

      • Sam commented  · 

        Totally agree with lorenzo, infact I pretty much assumed it would, it doesn't even need to actually back up the app, just a list of installed files that could be reinstalled when synced would work as well.

      • scottkolman commented  · 

        I did a hard reset of my phone, hoping that I would quickly get back all my apps. I probably did something wrong and had to search for all my apps again. App brain, pls make installing apps on a new phone more straight forward.

      • sgoertzen commented  · 

        At the very least, fix the site when switching phones. All my apps now say "Cancel Install", but they don't show up on my phone to install. Now I can no longer use app brain to reinstall them.

      • lorenzopassaretti commented  · 

        maybe it's a little tricky to make an ISO containing all the apps.. it would be JUST GREAT if we could save a LIST of all the installed apps somewhere in appbrain server or in the memorycard so that we could restore the entire list after every wipe/restore..
        I'm really looking forward to see this "killerfeature" implemented, it woud then be the best and most useful app in the market..

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